No matter if Generation X, Y or Z – everyone finds their place here.

We love different opinions and experiences because we know:

That’s the only way to find excellent solutions *out of the box*.



We believe that work should be fun. Laughing together makes us stronger as a team. Everyone can be him/herself – unique and special. We love different opinions and experiences because we know: That’s the only way to find excellent solutions *out of the box*.

We love to hear people’s opinions and ideas, especially unconventional ones. That’s the only way to implement creative concepts and software developments. Therefore, it is important that our team members feel at ease and can rely on mutual appreciation and respect.

Our employees don’t live in order to work. Enjoying leisure time with family, friends and hobbies makes everyone stronger. Every year we throw a party for our employees and their families. Paternity leave and part-time work are a given; working from home is always an option based on our prior consent.


Creative solutions arise, when different age groups, educational backgrounds and experiences meet. Continuous training programs strengthen our competence.

We love technology and appreciate digitization. It makes life easier and facilitates access to knowledge for all. We are completely committed to its progressive further development.

Structured, but not inflexible. Continuously developing ourselves and learning from the best – that’s how we see our company. We therefore support in-house knowledge sharing and the networking of skills.


We have had some of our customers for 25 years. We stand by our word and value continuity, also in relation to our contact persons. We take responsibility not just for our company, but also for society at large by supporting social and pedagogical projects.

Listening closely, identifying customer needs—the first and most important step in a customer relationship. We are adamant about finding only the best solutions for our customers.

Our philosophy of life is based on acting environmentally friendly and responsibly. A solid financial basis is key; we build trust with our employees and customers by making them feel secure.


  • Parking
  • Public Transport
  • Mobile phones for employees
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Homeoffice
  • Massages
  • Flat Oranization
  • Daily Fruit Basket
  • Training
  • Employee Events
  • Benefits
  • Internet Use