It began with an upper Austrian idea soon to become a nationwide standard product; now it is a technological flagship product. Those are the milestones of a software solution that the ÖGK (Austrian Public Health Insurance) uses for recourse procedures of the Regional Health Insurance Fund.

For more than 15 years HC Solutions has provided software support for this product, for the past few years we have been supported by the Gepardec company.

The application is being further developed on Java, involving a substantial changeover in technology. This modernization ensures a better integration into the system landscape with interfaces to various other systems as well as long-term maintainability.


Originally developed for the OÖGKK (regional part of the Austrian Public Health Insurance) and used by all reginal health unsurances, the next milestone followed in mid-2020: the standardiziation of procedure within the ÖGK’s recourse working groups.

The next milestone, originally developed for the OÖGKK and used by all regional health insurers, followed in mid-2020: the uniform approach within the ÖGK’s recourse working groups.

HC Solutions is collaborating with the product owner according to Scrum.




Java, JEE