*Hi Tomo, Can You Help Me Find My Documents? – Knowledge Management with Chatbots – Web Client is a Thing of the Past.* Our own Klaus Erik Eisler spoke on this topic in the industry forum of the #Knowledge Management Days in Vienna. Retrieving, analyzing and using data in a way that adds valueImproving knowledge exchange within a company. Increasing productivity and efficiency through intelligent networking. Retaining the experience of long-term employees. Optimizing processes using innovative IT solutions. And finally implementing a more knowledge-oriented company culture. Companies have never faced greater challenges concerning knowledge as a resource.

Digitalization has increased the pressure to take action. Those responsible at all hierarchy levels need to take action now! But how to take the first step towards a digitalization project? How to implement knowledge management? And what are the conditions necessary for it to succeed? These were the questions dealt with last June in Vienna. Naturally TOMO, our new knowledge base, fit in perfectly. As an intelligent knowledge base, Tomo organizes data chaos quickly and easily and provides relevant information. And that is what matters, now and in the future.

Karin Bachinger / HC Solutions & DI Walter / Magistrat Linz

Presentation // Fachforum with Guide.New // Botential, a Chatbot Expert from Graz

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Klaus Eisler, Innovation Consultant