Agile development is the order of the day. From early on we have been organizing our teams according to agile principles, combining quality with speed. We take on every Scrum role.

We always focus on the product for our customer. While we know exactly what we are developing, our method is open and flexible. To this end, our maximum sprint length is 30 days. The number of features per sprint depends on the team. We set clear priorities and always keep deadlines.

Before every sprint we reassess the project, including our latest findings in the process. Using this evolutionary process, we give our customers the best value for money they can get.

„From one sprint to the next, with the customer: That means talking regularly with the customer and aligning requirements and solutions. This is the only way to ensure quality in software development.“

DI Leopold Peneder, *HC Solutioneer" for more than 23 years